Enhancing AI Efficiency for the UAE Government Entity

How we delivered tailored training and custom GPT solutions to the Department of Government Enablement 

ai training for UAE entity

Setting the Stage: Client Background

The Department of Government Enablement (DGE) in Abu Dhabi, UAE is a centralized government entity dedicated to delivering quality services to Abu Dhabi government entities, citizens, and residents. Their main responsibilities include enhancing human capital and digital capacity, providing and improving digital government services, optimizing procurement processes, supporting the local economy, and promoting a unified approach to customer-centricity. 

They discovered our services through the content shared on our TikTok. They resonated with the practical AI applications we demonstrate, which align closely with their mission to improve efficiency using AI. 


DGE aimed to: 

  • Reduce Mundane Tasks: Free up time by leveraging AI to handle routine tasks. 
  • Enhance Efficiency: Improve the effectiveness of executive workflows. 
  • Data Security: Ensure the secure use of AI tools within their existing tech infrastructure. 

    The Goal

    Enhance government efficiency by integrating AI tools into daily workflows across all levels of the Department of Government Enablement.

    The Strategy

    Deliver customized AI training for executive, director, and employee levels, plus develop a bespoke GPT to streamline the chairman’s audit review process.

    The Result

    Reduced audit review time from 3-4 hours to 45 minutes, improved workflow efficiency in key areas, and freed up strategic focus for leadership.

    Our Comprehensive Strategy:

    Our initial goal was to provide a series of training sessions in Abu Dhabi on using Microsoft Copilot in Office 365, as this was already inside of their secure data environment. However, after initial discussions with the department’s chairman, the scope expanded to include training on ChatGPT, and other generative AI tools. Additionally, we focused on developing a customized GPT for a lengthy auditing processes for the chairman. 

    Solution Approach:

    Custom GPT Development: We assisted the chairman in creating a bespoke GPT to streamline the review of lengthy audit proposals, significantly reducing the time required for thorough analysis. 

    Customized Training: We delivered specialized training sessions for three distinct groups: 

    • Executive Level: Focused on strategic applications of AI to improve their day to day workflows. 
    • Director Level: Concentrated on departmental management efficiencies, reducing time spent on RFP’s, data analysis, and deck creation. 
    • Departmental Employees: Covered practical uses of AI in daily tasks across a broad spectrum. 

        Detailing the Implementation Steps 

        1. Initial Assessment: On arrival in Abu Dhabi, we conducted a detailed assessment of the department’s needs and workflows to prepare for the training exercises as part of the presentations. Additionally, we placed a focus on the chairman’s requests for reviewing audit proposals more efficiently. 

        2. Solution Design: We designed a comprehensive training program tailored to each group’s specific needs using Microsoft Copilot, ChatGPT, and other generative AI tools. We also worked closely with the chairman to develop a highly customized GPT to assist in the proposal audit process. 

        3. Custom GPT Development: Collaborated with the chairman to break down his manual audit review process into specific, manageable steps for the GPT. This included:


          • Initial Document Check: Created a workflow for the GPT to preview audit proposals and ensure they met necessary criteria before further review. 
          • Section by Section Detailed Proposal Analysis: Developed instructions for the GPT to extract and summarize key information, making the review process more efficient. 
        4. Training Execution:  
        • Executives: Emphasized strategic AI applications. 
        • Directors: Focused on optimizing departmental workflows.
        • Employees: Practical, hands-on training on using AI tools

          The Outcome: 

          Quantifiable Results: 

          • Time Savings: The custom GPT reduced the audit review process considerably, reducing time spent from 3-4 hours to approximately 45 minutes. 
          • Enhanced Productivity: Training sessions equipped employees at all levels to use AI tools effectively, freeing up time for more strategic tasks. 

          Qualitative Benefits: 

          • Improved Workflow: The integration of AI tools into daily tasks significantly improved workflow efficiency in key areas such as RFP creation, data analysis and research, and slide deck creation. 
          • Executive Support: The chairman and executives expressed high satisfaction with the tailored training and custom GPT, which allowed for more strategic focus. 
          • Positive Feedback: Participants across all levels praised the practical applications and ease of use of the AI tools after receiving the training. 

            Conclusion: A Forward Thinking Approach to Government Efficiency

            Through our comprehensive training and custom AI solutions, we better positioned the Department of Government Enablement to incorporate more AI into daily workflows, enhancing their operational efficiency and freeing up valuable time for strategic initiatives. This project underscores our commitment to delivering practical, impactful AI solutions that drive real-world benefits, and it also aligns with the UAE’s commitment to become a leader in the generative AI space moving forward.  

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