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Marcus and I are in a networking group together. He provided me with a valuable consultation regarding chatGPT, AI, and marketing strategies and ideas for my real estate practice. He displayed a deep understanding of marketing principles and the potential of AI technologies in my field.

He asked very specific questions about my business and marketing objectives. I could see the wheels turning in his head while he listened attentively, and provided creative and fun ideas for me to take first steps toward implementation.

He gave me a fantastic template for a ChatGPT/AI inquiry that I’ll be able to re-use for different purposes. Reach out to Marcus to get one for yourself!

Marcus’s expertise in AI and its applications in marketing really stands out. I now have an actionable plan and a really cool tool to collaborate with a nearby business for our mutual benefit to provide elevated service to our clients.

I highly recommend Marcus to any business looking to harness the power of AI in their marketing efforts.

Danella Swanson Muñoz

Realtor, Danella Swanson Munoz

Working with Marcus is fantastic on a few levels.

He is knowledgeable, willing to educate his clients and make them part of the process, and his advice is broken down in such a way that it is easy to implement.

As time goes on, I see things become apparent that he saw several steps ago; he has a solid vision for taking business to the next level, which I appreciate. He is a guide, a mentor, and, perhaps most importantly, a great support person who believes in the businesses of his clients.

I definitely recommend working with him!

Sandy Bean

Founder, St. Pete Girl Bosses

I recently had an AI consultation with Marcus. I must say, the experience was absolutely amazing. The expertise and knowledge demonstrated during the session were truly commendable. He provided me with valuable insights on how to utilize AI effectively to elevate my business’s marketing efforts. I recommend Marcus to anyone seeking to revolutionize their marketing strategies with the power of AI.

Rachel Nelson

Director, Find My Voice Therapy Services

Marcus was amazing! I am a small business owner working on my marketing goals/strategies. He opened my world to ChatGPT & it’s mind blowing to say the least. The 30 min consultation is definitely worth its wait in gold! I learned so much & definitely recommend M2 marketing. Thank you!

Kristen Scheidly

Notary Public, St. Petersburg FL

Marcus is a fountain of knowledge and was extremely helpful in expanding my knowledge as well as illuminating the capabilities of ChatGPT. His marketing knowledge in addition with his in-depth understanding of ChatGPT is a WIN-WIN combination! Thanks, again, Marcus!

Emil Veltre

Owner, The Real Estate Pharmacist

Amazing customer service! So much knowledge around marketing and the systems to use to scale and grow your business. 10/10 recommend working with them. You will not be disappointed!

Emily Adams

Owner, Transformative Leadership LLC

Marcus is amazing. If you’re looking for a marketing and AI rockstar, he’s your guy.

Rob Jensen

Owner, Paragon Physical Therapy

Marcus offers mega level powerful marketing ideas and methods – I’ve not ever met anyone who’s more thoroughly organized, efficient and continually on top of the industry with cutting edge capabilities, along with a caring interest in similarly empowering you !

Andy Cabot

Realtor, Keller Williams

What I love about working with Marcus is his high integrity and his passion about making sure he delivers above and beyond what is expected. He provides a ton of value and I always learn so much. Totally recommend!
Pam Nurrie

Owner, P3 Business Catalyst

Marcus is the real deal. He know a ton about marketing, AI and social media strategy and is very open and honest about what he can do to help you in your business. He is also an excellent consultant. He knows how to take a client with several random and seemingly unrelated questions and issues through a well thought out discussion and consultation that will be comrehensive, clear, and a definite value. I have worked with Marcus on and off for a while and as a small business owner would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an accelerated course on marketing and AI. If he can help you, he will and if he can’t, he’ll say so. In a town full of consultants, marketing gurus and “experts” he is definitely the one to work with.

Olya Shaefer

Owner, The Athleticus Personal Training

Marcus was so obviously enjoying our call. He is kind and generous and just fun to work with, as well as a wealth of marketing and AI knowledge.

Rebecca Grissom

Owner, Raydiant Goddess

The AI Consulting Lab has been nothing but professional and helpful in my business’s growth. They bring so much social media marketing and marketing in general knowledge along with able to implement this do Ai technology thats been trending.

Juan Chanelo

Owner, Better Body Medical Massage

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